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We help software companies generate at least $5 million without using debt or equity. 

We specialize in an alternative capital model designed for high-growth B2B SaaS companies to accelerate to $10M ARR faster and more efficiently.  

How We Help


Alternative Capital Model

Generate immediate expansion capital without diluting your cap table or bringing on debt.


Go To Market

Align your current GTM initiatives with your capital goals to accelerate revenue and profitability.  


Financial Planning & Analysis

Build an outcome-focused financial model that delivers visibility and predictability for your business.  

Capital Campaign


Vendor: Industrial software 


Customers: Mid-market manufactures

Contracts: 2 new contracts for 36 months, 2 renewals for 24 months, 1 renewal for 36 months 


Result: 5 contracts funded for $132,551 in first 30 days of using customer financing program    

Vendor secured 5 customers with long-term contracts and no collections risk

Who We Work With

U.S. based B2B SaaS companies in business for 3+ years that sell annual and multiyear subscriptions with an annual contract value of at least $20,000.

Growth Stage We help you accelerate sales and cash flow with customer financing programs designed to unlock debt-free and non-dilutive expansion capital to grow faster and more efficiently.

VC & PE Firms We help enhance the financial performance of your portfolio companies by helping them establish customer financing programs that increase growth rates and EBITDA.

Mid-Market We help you convert more pipeline and increase retention using customer financing programs to offer flexible payments without the collections risk.

Enterprise We help you expand your market reach with tailored financing programs specific to different divisions and products that align with the overall financial governance of your organization.

Custom Sales Solutions

There is no substitute for revenue. We work with companies at every stage of growth to develop or enhance their outbound sales strategy and provide the resources to execute it. We specialize in performance-based lead generation, tech stack & CRM optimization, and digital marketing.       

Thrive in Today's Market

Despite economic headwinds, the companies we work with are selling multiyear contracts financed with monthly subscription payments to drive growth, retention, and overall financial performance.

Example of a financing program used by our clients to offer their customers annual contracts with monthly payments.



Flexible Payments

Give your customers 1 monthly payment with no upfront cost

Cash Flow

Receive funding upfront for multiple years and additional services 


Offload your collections risk for future payments

Operators. Not bankers.

We financed over $30,000,000 of subscription contracts to grow our last B2B SaaS company. Using our first-hand vendor experience and network of vetted financing partners, we help other B2B SaaS companies do the same.

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