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This mid-market B2B SaaS has 58 lost & stalled deals from 2023. Here's their plan to win them in Q1.

The first thing that they did was go back into their CRM and pull all the deals that they lost or stalled in 2023, which amounted to 58 deals. 

They have an average ACV of $75K, and contract terms are typically 3 years. Last year, they were only presenting an annual payment option. 

Could they have offered monthly payments internally? Yes, but they didn't want the collections risk or hassle, and they wanted the upfront payment for cash flow. 

When companies present both an annual payment option and a monthly or quarterly payment option through a financing program, we typically see between 10% - 15% of customers self-select the financing option. We’ll use that as a guide. 

However, we're talking about deals that were lost and now they're re-approaching them with a new offer. So, let's plan conservatively and cut that number in half. So, let's say 5% now opt-in with the new flexible payment terms that they were not previously presented with. 

Based on their 58 lost & stalled deals from 2023, 3 of their prospects would now move forward, resulting in $652K in upfront contract funding. Not only is this a win from a cash flow perspective because this company is getting paid all 3 years of those contracts upfront through their finance program, but the customer now has the flexible payment option that they wanted. 

Another option that they are using is a 0% interest program. Think about how often vendors go back to lost deals and present a first-of-year discount or a new incentive to get them to move forward. You could rationalize this by also offering them a 0% interest program with flexible payments so there's no premium on the monthly payments that you're offering them. 

As the vendor, they’re absorbing the financing cost as a sales discount, let's say a flat 18% discount, but their now pairing that with a flexible payment option. With a more attractive offer, now they’re in 10% opt-in territory. If 10% of these customers were now offered a monthly or quarterly payment option at no additional cost, that would result in 6 new contracts and over $1,000,000 in upfront contract funding. 

This is a huge win from a cash flow perspective, but it also secures those new customers with long-term contracts while also providing tremendous value to them because they're getting the payment terms that they want. 

These are two different financing strategies that this B2B SaaS company is using to offer flexible payments to win their lost and stalled deals from 2023 and get a head-start to 2024. 


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