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Use these 3 magic words when customers say “I don’t want to start paying until after implementation."



Your customer paid you $20K for implementation.


They don’t want to start paying your subscription until they’re live.




You don’t want them dragging it out 6 months when it should only take 3.


Especially when you don’t have any control over their participation.


And you’re probably making $0 or negative margins on your implementations.


Also, fair.


So, what do you do?


Enter Dan Balcauski, Founder of Product Tranquility. He’s an expert in pricing and packaging for B2B SaaS companies.


His advice:


Try these 3 magic words:


“no later than”


For example, if your expected implementation timeline is 90 days:


“Your subscription billing will begin NO LATER THAN 90 days from contract signing.”


This gives your customer some financial breathing room while protecting you from their unexpected delays.


It sets a clear deadline and creates urgency on both sides of the table.  


Incentives are aligned.


Your customer wants to stay on track because their subscription billing will start whether they finish implementation or not.  


You want to stay on track because the sooner you complete their implementation, the sooner you can start billing them.


A Win-Win.




💡 BONUS: Pick a timeline that you’re confident you can meet. Your customers will never complain about getting billed earlier if they are live.    

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