Let’s Audit Your Growth.

I’ll help you get crystal clear about why it’s stuck and how to grow to $10M ARR as fast as possible without venture capital.

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Trusted by Bootstrapped B2B SaaS Founders

Trusted by Bootstrapped B2B SaaS Founders

You want to grow faster, but doing more of the same isn’t working.

Burning time and money on strategies that aren’t producing.
Private Equity and strategic buyers keep undervaluing your company.
Losing to your VC-backed competitors who are outspending you 10-1.

The Keystone Growth Audit is the fastest way to uncover how to unlock revenue growth and cash flow without raising venture capital.


Benchmark your company today using our Revenue Analysis Model.

We will quickly establish your current revenue, growth rate, cash flow, EBITDA, and other key metrics in a simple one-page model. You’ll know exactly where your company stands today and what it will take to hit your near and long-term revenue targets.

Do more with less.

We will analyze your existing strategy and resources to understand what's possible right now. This will help us uncover and prioritize the top initiatives that will make the biggest impact on your revenue growth.

High-level strategy recommendations.

We will establish what success looks like and how to execute your key initiatives. You’ll leave your Growth Audit with a completed Revenue Analysis Model and a roadmap to faster and more profitable growth.

"By combining our GTM strategy and financials, it helped me clarify and prioritize the top initiatives that would drive the biggest near-term impact on my growth and cash flow. Today, I’m using this model to make informed business decisions about my company’s future. Alex and the Keystone team are a lot of fun to work with and have been fantastic partners in our growth.” – DV Dronamraju, Co-Founder & CEO

$6M to $39M in 5 years

An outside set of experienced eyes can help you spot the tiny tweaks in your strategy that can have a massive impact.

Venture Capital



19% to 50%


-3% to 25%


How does the Growth Audit work?

Alex will explain everything.


Growth Audit Pricing


Keystone Growth Audit

$195 one-time payment

  • One 90-minute Zoom session with Alex
  • Revenue Analysis Model
  • Full recording of session with transcript
  • Follow-up report and recommendations from Alex
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100% money-back guarantee.

We’re both busy running businesses. Our time is valuable. If you feel like you got no value from our session, I’ll send you a check for $195.

Who is Alex Sandkuhl?

I’ve been where you’re at. I’m a founder and operator actively building bootstrapped businesses today. Every company I’ve owned, or run has been self-funded. In exchange for keeping all our equity, we don’t have the luxury of a massive cash infusion to inflate vanity metrics just enough to leapfrog to our next funding round. We’re playing a different game than VC-backed companies, and it requires a tactical mindset and cash flow-focused strategy.

Most recently, I grew InSync Healthcare Solutions, a B2B SaaS Healthtech company, from $6M to $39M bootstrapped by combining customer subscription financing with a high-performance sales program. After we sold the business to Warburg Pincus (Acquired Dec '21), I founded Keystone Growth Advisory to combine my network of financing partners and GTM expertise to help other B2B SaaS founders achieve the same or better results.

We've helped bootstrapped founders with GTM strategy, sales execution, and alternative capital. Meet the Keystone team and see some of our work and outcomes.

Outside of the software industry, I've also Co-founded or partnered in a wide range of businesses, including a premier French wine importer, an award-winning Jewish deli, a Tampa-based media company, and a nationally sponsored podcast network… all self-funded. ​

Outside of business, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and daughter in Tampa, FL, traveling through Europe, debating historical counterfactuals, and developing my ever-expanding palate for all things Rock & Roll.