Meet The Team

The Keystone leadership team has worked together for over 6 years. After our last successful venture, we got the band back together and founded Keystone to help other founders achieve the same or better results. We also employ an execution team that we staff for each of our engagements.

We are deeply committed to growing bootstrapped businesses.

That’s what we know and love to do.

Alex Sandkuhl

Founder & CEO

Challenge the status quo.

I’m a founder and operator actively building bootstrapped businesses today. Every company I’ve owned, or run has been self-funded. In exchange for keeping all my equity, I don’t have the luxury of a massive cash infusion to inflate vanity metrics just enough to leapfrog to my next funding round. I’m playing a different game than VC-backed companies, and it requires a tactical mindset and cash flow-focused strategy.

Most recently, I grew InSync Healthcare Solutions, a B2B SaaS Healthtech company, from $6M to $39M bootstrapped by combining customer subscription financing with a high-performance sales program. After we sold the business to Warburg Pincus (Acquired Dec '21), I founded Keystone Growth Advisory to combine my network of financing partners and GTM expertise to help other B2B SaaS founders achieve the same or better results.

We've helped bootstrapped founders with GTM strategy, sales execution, and alternative capital. 

Outside of the software industry, I've also Co-founded or partnered in a wide range of businesses, including a premier French wine importer, an award-winning Jewish deli, a Tampa-based media company, and a nationally sponsored podcast network… all self-funded. ​

Outside of business, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and daughter in Tampa, FL, traveling through Europe, debating historical counterfactuals, and developing my ever-expanding palate for all things Rock & Roll.


Jack Day

Vice President – Sales Execution

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. As an Account Executive at both a bootstrapped company and a publicly traded company, I saw firsthand the different approaches to outbound prospecting and closing new business. My goal is to show founders how to use a combination of old-school prospecting with modern technology to grow their pipeline and close new business faster.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our dog, reading fiction novels, watching Florida State football climb our way back to glory, and pursuing my never-ending quest to grill the world’s best steak.

Noah Meltzer

Vice President – Sales Enablement

A good company succeeds. A great company’s clients succeed. Over the last 5 years, I have worked with Alex and Jack to refine and sharpen our sales program into one that SaaS companies can be successful with. I help B2B SaaS companies implement and refine the most efficient and productive sales motion possible to maximize results. 

Outside of business, I enjoy smoking meats on one of my multiple smoking contraptions, watching the Dolphins, and polishing off my never-improving 18-handicap.