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Alex Sandkuhl
Founder & CEO

Challenge the status quo. I’m an early-stage investor and operator in multiple companies. Most recently, I grew InSync Healthcare Solutions, a B2B SaaS Healthtech company, from $6M to $39M bootstrapped by combining customer subscription financing with a high-performance GTM program. After we sold the business Warburg Pincus (Acquired Dec '21), I founded Keystone Growth Advisory to combine my network of financing partners and GTM expertise to help other B2B SaaS companies achieve the same or better results. 

Outside of the software industry, I've also Co-founded or partnered in a wide range of businesses, including a premier French wine importer, an award-winning Jewish deli, a Tampa-based media company, and a nationally sponsored podcast network. 

Outside of business, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and daughter in Tampa, FL, traveling through Europe, debating historical counterfactuals, and developing my ever-expanding palate for all things Rock & Roll.

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Jack Day
Vice President

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. As an Account Executive at a Bootstrapped company and a Publicly Traded company, I saw firsthand how offering a financed subscription to customers can be a tool to remove objections, close more business, and make more money. My goal is to teach vendors how to properly position this model to their customers and help them grow their business.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and our dog, reading fiction novels, watching Florida State football climb our way back to glory, and pursuing my never-ending quest to grill the world’s best steak.

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Noah Meltzer
Vice President

A good company succeeds, A great company’s clients succeed. This motto is what I have lived by when financing over $6m in revenue using our subscription financing model. Over the last 5 years, I have worked with Alex and Jack to fine-tune this program into a tool any SaaS company can use. Since bringing this model to the marketplace, we have identified that not only does it provide you with non-dilutive expansion capital but it has countless applications for a company looking to provide multiple payment options resulting in more revenue and happier customers.


Outside of business, I enjoy smoking meats on one of my multiple smoking contraptions, watching the Dolphins run up the score, and polishing off my never-improving 18-handicap.

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Tony Spino
VP Operations

Success is best when it is shared. I have had the great fortune of working alongside Alex, Jack, and Noah to create success stories for our clients for the last five years. In that time, my focus has always been on how we can optimize our internal operations so that we can dedicate as much of our time and energy to our clients and their goals as possible. As a team, we are always thinking outside the box in our quest to provide successful business solutions that benefit both software vendors and their customers alike.


In my free time, I love to travel, and I love the world of sports, (particularly my hometown teams in Northeast Ohio) and am on a quest to attend a baseball game in every Major League Stadium. When sports and travel are not possible, I enjoy watching documentaries and learning something new!

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Kevin Sheffield
VP Growth

Top-performing technology sales executive and leader with a 14-year track record of success surpassing sales goals, cultivating and landing new clients, and increasing revenues. Progressively promoted within individual contributor roles and across industry segments due to repeated success in implementing sales strategies in under-penetrated accounts. Skilled negotiator able to communicate complex intangible value propositions and increase market share and profitability.

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Sean Ross

Jake Lenardo

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