We’ve helped bootstrapped founders with

GTM strategy, sales execution, and alternative capital.


Here’s what they’re saying about their experience and outcomes with us.

“The Keystone team became our full sales team and helped us launch our 2 new SaaS solutions. They provided real-time feedback from prospects which helped us validate our messaging, product market fit, and ICP. They’ve handled all of our prospecting, facilitated our meetings and demos so we could focus on the technical presentation, managed deal follow-up, and are always focused on advancing the opportunity to the next step in our sales process.

Alex and his FP&A partner also built me a detailed capital-efficient growth model. By combining our GTM strategy and financials, it helped me clarify and prioritize the top initiatives that would drive the biggest near-term impact on my growth and cash flow. Today, I’m using this model to make informed business decisions about my company’s future. Alex and the Keystone team are a lot of fun to work with and have been fantastic partners in our growth.”

– DV Dronamraju, Co-Founder & CEO

“In only 60 days, Alex and the Keystone team helped us refine our Go-To-Market strategy, target markets, competitive positioning, & pricing. During that time, they also prospected and added 11 new qualified opportunities to our pipeline worth well over $1,000,000 combined. As our sales partner, the Keystone team facilitated the meetings and advanced the deals through our sales process towards closure. It is clear they have a proven and successful playbook which they adapted to our business. Alex and the Keystone team are a delight to work with and we are looking forward to a bright future together.”

– Jim Walckner, President & CEO

“In only 30 days, Keystone helped us get paid $132,551 upfront for 5 multiyear subscription contracts without any future collections risk. In total, we’ve used their customer subscription financing strategy to access $327,136 to make strategic investments without using debt or equity.”

– Stuart Hunt, CEO

"We used Keystone’s customer financing program to win multiple deals with monthly subscription payments without sacrificing our upfront cash flow. Our customers got the monthly payments they needed, and we were funded upfront for the entire contracts without the future collections risk. It has been a win-win for us and our customers."

– Nick Bennett, Chief Revenue Officer

"I received payment upfront for a multiyear subscription while giving my enterprise customer monthly payments through Keystone’s customer financing program. Keystone handled the process from start to finish so I could focus on my customer relationship and bring the deal to closure."

– Jagdish Subramony, Founder & CEO