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Get paid 3 years of subscription revenue today.

Despite economic headwinds, the companies we work with are selling multiyear subscriptions financed with monthly payments to drive growth, retention, and overall financial performance.

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Flexible Payments

Give your customers 1 monthly payment

with no upfront cost

Cash Flow

Funded upfront for multiple years

and additional services 


Offload your collections risk

for future payments

Using financing to offer monthly payments on your annual & multiyear subscriptions

Monthly subscription payments are ideal for many customers, but they present cash flow challenges and collections risks for vendors. As a result, most SaaS vendors discount annual payments by 10% - 30% to incentivize customers to pay upfront.

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Financing helps vendors offer monthly payments to customers at the same 12%-23% premium while getting paid upfront for the entire contract without the collections risk.  

Streamline your buying process with 0% interest

In today's economy where cash flow is tight, customers appreciate payment options. This is why Fortune 500 software companies offer customers financing options on their annual and multiyear contracts. When presented with 0% interest, it's a more competitive offer and ensures that no potential customer is lost due to payment terms. As an added benefit, vendors are funded upfront for their entire contract, including multiple years.

A 0% interest program helps remove traditional financing objections so your reps can can focus on closing business, not negotiating interest rates. Customers want a simple monthly subscription payment. They don't want to calculate additional interest or endure a lengthy application process. 

Make it simple: Quote your customers a monthly subscription rate and that is what they will pay.     

New & Renewal Contracts 

Customer financing can be used to win new contracts with flexible payments and no upfront costs for implementation.

It can also be used to renew current customers to longer contracts without the future collections risk. Renewals are "low-hanging fruit" for customer financing because they have already implemented and are actively using the software. As a result, offering them a longer contract with monthly payments is a Win-Win. Many of the companies we work with tap into their existing customers for cash flow through customer financing.     


How It Works

What is customer subscription financing? How does it work for multiyear subscription contracts? How is it different than Revenue-Based Financing and Buy Now Pay Later solutions?


Our Financing Network

Funding multiple years of future subscription revenue today requires a specialized lending partner and program. We spent 6 years building a network of financing partners who can get the job done.  

Accelerate sales by removing budget objections including upfront costs

“Budget” is the most common objection that customers give for not moving forward. Offering customers monthly payments compared to annual payments can help expedite the sales process and increase close ratios. Upfront costs for setup and training can also be a sticking point with customers, especially if a competitor offers them at a lower price. With prefunded subscriptions, vendors can roll in their upfront service fees and include them in the customer’s monthly subscription payment. 

Increase customer retention with multiyear contracts

Strong customer retention is a leading indicator for determining the health of a business and its enterprise value. “Leaky buckets” have a negative impact on cash flow, competitive market share, and valuation. Multiyear contracts help vendors avoid monthly or annual “renewal cycles” that often result in churn while also delivering value to customers with pricing predictability

Reduce accounts receivable with professional payment collections

Software is typically the last expense paid for by customers and as a result, software vendors spend a considerable amount of time, money, and energy collecting payments. After your financing partner has paid you upfront for your software contracts, they will assume the responsibility of collecting customers’ monthly payments. This allows you to focus on selling new customers and growing your business.

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