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"Efficient Growth" requires a combination of both GTM and Financial expertise.

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A problem we often see with companies that are trying to design an “efficient growth” model is that their GTM and Financial strategies are created in silos. As a result, they end up achieving subpar results, or even worse, end up flying blind until it’s too late. We solve this problem by combining both sides of the equation to increase both growth and profitability to maximize your company valuation.

Increase Growth

GTM strategies designed to accelerate top-line revenue

Increase Profitability

Financial modeling designed to

preserve cash flow  

Maximize Valuation

Engineer a healthy blend of growth and profitability to increase enterprise value

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Start with a high-level analysis of where your company is at today.

In order to build a path to your growth and profitability goals, first you must have a clear picture of where your company is at today. At a high level, we will analyze your business in its current state and get a better understanding of your goals. This includes your current GTM plan and financials.   

3-Year Revenue Forcast Model

Using your average contract value (ACV), average win rates, customer cohorts, and revenue cohorts, we can help you project your revenue over a 3-year period. This model will give you the clarity needed to make informed business decisions about your future, specifically around capital and resource allocation.  

Keystone 3-year revenue forecast sample screenshot.png

Reverse engineer your goals and build a strategic growth model to support them.

Once we have a clear picture of your current state and future goals, we help you develop and refine your GTM and financial plan. We use software like Causal to quickly ingest your accounting and CRM data to produce models that update in real-time. Every day, you will be able to see if you are on track or not. Most importantly, you will now have the GTM and financial clarity to make informed decisions as you continue your growth.  

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Causal screenshot ltv cac.png

Track the metrics that matter and understand the specific tactical moves that actually improve them.

There are well over 100 metrics that SaaS companies are measured by today. But which ones actually matter and have a material impact on your company’s valuation? More importantly, what can you do to actually improve them? Step 1 is having the ability to track them accurately. Step 2 is understanding the specific moves you can make to improve them. Your strategic growth model will help you accomplish both of these with confidence. As a result, you will have the ability to maximize your company valuation.  

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