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We help software companies generate at least $5 million without using debt or equity. 

We specialize in an alternative capital model designed for high-growth B2B SaaS companies to accelerate to $10M ARR faster and more efficiently.  

How We Help


Alternative Capital Model

Generate immediate expansion capital without diluting your cap table or bringing on debt.


Go To Market

Align your current GTM initiatives with your capital goals to accelerate revenue and profitability.  


Financial Planning & Analysis

Build an outcome-focused financial model that delivers visibility and predictability for your business.  

Capital Campaigns

Starting at $5,000,000

Goal: Determine a capital target and timeline to achieve it 


Analysis: Uncover a path to success and verify it’s feasible 

Implementation: Operationalize the capital model and align it with your GTM and Financial plan 


Outcome: Generate at least $5M of non-dilutive and debt-free expansion capital to grow your SaaS business.

Who We Work With

U.S. based B2B SaaS companies in business for 3+ years that sell annual and multiyear subscriptions with an annual contract value of at least $20,000.

Generating at least $500K in revenue You lead an early and growth-stage software companies with a proven track record of growth and customer retention.

Bootstrapped or lightly capitalized You are founder-led and have not yet raised significant institutional capital.

Have U.S. based non-government cusotmers Most of your customers are companies that have been in business for at least 3 years and consider your software platform essential for their operations.

Looking to potentially raise $1M - $15M You’re ready to grow your business and need expansion capital to take it to the next level.

Operators. Not Bankers.

We developed this alternative capital model at our last B2B software company and used it to access $30,000,000 of expansion capital without using debt or equity. We used that capital to bootstrap from $6M to $39M with 25% EBITDA before selling the business to a top private equity firm. Using our first-hand experience and network of vetted capital partners, we help other software founders and operators achieve the same or better results. 

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Vice President

VP Operations

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Founder & CEO

Vice President

VP Growth



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